About us

Virtually Live is a media and technology company enabling fans to digitally engage in live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating entertainment experiences that are more fun, interactive and social than ever before.

In today’s digital connected world as in tomorrow’s metaverse, physical geography is irrelevant. We understand this and believe a connected fan is an engaged fan. Our innovative and patented engagement capabilities drive even deeper fan conversations, and extend engagement far beyond passive consumption. Our technology platform creates near limitless opportunity for real time fan engagement solutions across immersive, consumer facing applications, gamified live events and live broadcast services alike.

We are the proud developer and publisher of the ground-breaking mobile game Virtually Live Ghost Racing® – which provided players around the world real-time live racing against professional drivers for the first time ever in gaming!

Intellectual Property & Commercialization

Virtually Live has a unique and valuable intellectual property base, from its patented media system and method, proprietary telemetric tools, to its proven data visualization technology platform deployable across a wide range of sporting and live events, scalable for both live broadcast services, and consumer facing applications to “gamify” live events and build social experiences.

The Virtually Live system and method was conceived with a vision to create a media method that would take all the active elements of an event and transpose it in real time to a platform whereby people could feel a ‘sense of presence’ in the event. The media method would capture all the telemetry and motion of an event, place it in a simulator, then bring the fans in to experience it.
The technology has been patented globally from 2009 onwards, in over 45 territories across Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

Contact Us to explore how Virtually Live’s intellectual property create exclusive rights enabling you to to deliver unique and ground-breaking experiences for live events on any platform.